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Who are 27-80 Paddlers?

27-80 Paddlers is a club of paddlers that participate in organized weekly kayak trips in Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach Counties. Our members are mostly from Martin and St. Lucie Counties and enjoy overnight trips, monthly meetings, social events, biking, and hiking. The club functions as a cooperative group. All activities the club engages in are dependent upon contributions made by club members. In order to maintain the club's success members are expected to participate in organizing, planning and leading paddles and other club events. Members are also expected to have or at a minimum be determined to develop a competent skill level and be aware of and comply with all matters of safe kayaking. Our name? The 27-80 Paddlers club was named for the latitude and longitude coordinates nearest to our location on the east coast of Florida near Stuart -- exact location is about 5 miles offshore.

Board of Directors for 2024:

  • Sharon Archer - President
  • TBD - Vice President
  • Janet Jorden - Treasurer
  •  Lynn Matthews - Secretary
  •  Diane Whittaker - At-large

Coordinators for 2024 

  • Ann Steck - Membership Coordinator
  • Bruce Doll - Trip Coordinator
  • Mary Saxenmeyer - Communciations
  • Donna Phelan - Events 

Website Manager:

  • Donna Phelan


Here's why you should become a member:

Joining 27-80 Paddlers will open up opportunities to paddle with a group of people that enjoy the beautiful waterways of Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach Counties on a weekly basis. Members also share common interests in the outdoor activities of bicycling, hiking, fishing and camping. We have several events throughout the year that combine social gatherings with either paddling or some other activity. Joining our club gives you the chance to meet new paddling friends while discovering the beauty of our local waterways. As a member you can check out our Events Calendar for our monthly meeting and upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you on the water.


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